37 Types of Content Every Sports Team Should Be Using

Source: 37 Types of Content Every Sports Team Should Be Using

Love this post. It lightly touches on every aspect of social media content a sports team should use. I believe the Islanders hit all of these. I’ve already talked about how they take time to develop posts on what to look out for in games and stats. I don’t remember them doing it before Brooklyn. And if they did, the posts were few and far in between.

The Islanders are also really great with charity. They are always posting about events they have, like and event to help fight hunger, for example. On November 25th they will have a food drive at their game against the Flyers. Every fan that donates 3 non-perishable food items with receive free tickets to a future Isles game.

I love their Street Hockey Clinic’s and other Hockey Clinics that they host to get young kids into the sport. It’s just a cute way to give back to the fans and even just to the community or non-fans.

They’re also great at incorporating current events into their content and games. For example, they had someone sing the French national anthem at last nights game and also had a moment of silence for the victims, and all those affected by the tragic events in Paris.

Something I noticed at the opening game that I went to was that a whole section of the seating was dedicated to everyone involved in marketing/social media. You could see them with their laptops out, generating content for the next Facebook post and keeping a list for stats throughout the game. I think this is a really cool way to stay on top of fan engagement, which is another really important aspect of social media.

They post for all holidays and special days like Veterans Day and had the Isles wear their camouflage jerseys for warm up.

Also, the Islanders make sure to get quotes from the players. The fans live for this, to be honest. I think it’s the best part of all sports social media. Everyone wants to know whats going on in the players heads.

The post game recaps and pregame “need to knows” are an essential part of the fans conversational growth and I think it’s a really great component to their marketing. It lets the fans know that the direct source for all things Islanders can be found across all Isles social media platforms, so follow them! The Islanders really stepped up their social media since they moved to Brooklyn. Which I guess they kind of had to. They need to spin the move as much as they can until eventually fans put it behind them.

How about that Tavares bobble head though. I mean this was totally fan driven. If you’re an Isles fan you love John Tavares. I think it’s funny how they made the bobble head out of JT’s signature “I just scored a goal” move. The marketers were definitely hitting on that -everyone-loves-the-captain-aspect.

I wish they would get more personal with their players on social media and post more engaging videos. I know the Rangers post a ton of videos. Which of course the fans are watching. But for the non-rangers fans (aka me) they make me stop and watch the video to see what it’s about. I guess I’m a little biased though since I have to study other sports teams social marketing, but still, in general, videos make people stop and watch.

For posting more personal player posts (ppp,) I just think it would be an added way for the marketing team to connect to the fans. I know that they have little segments in between game periods on TV that are a little more personal with the players, but lets be honest, most people change the channel. I’d like to see videos like the segments on social media.

It’s all about creating shareable content. I think the Isles have definitely moved towards that direction with their more refined/fan driven content.



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